Humans have seven chakras or 7 main energy points. Balanced chakras areresponsible forthe proper functioning of the body and mind. While eachchakra is connectedwith a differentfunction of our mind and body, there is a simple yet powerful healing method that canhelp one attain serenity and heal. The ancient Japanese technique, ReikiHealing, uses theuniverse Life Force Energy or Cosmic Healing Energy is completely unconditional and does not demand any giver or receiver. It heals the body and emotions, bringing the balance andpromoting health, happiness, prosperity and long life. Reiki healing center in Delhi gives aneasy and most effective method to balance the chakras and energy flow in theperson’sbody for the proper and apt functioning of the chakras to bring well-beingand health inthe physical body.

Reiki Level – 1 :-

  • Beginner Level
  • Attunement done for the activation of Reiki energy in person’s hand.
  • Enables one to perform self and family healing.
  • Contains a practice of 21 to 41 days for self-healing.
  • It is an introduction of 7 chakras of body.
  • How chakras affect our diseases, personality and life problems and its healing.
  • Effects of Aura and its improvisation.
  • Aura sensing, cleansing/ Measuring Exercise.

Reiki Level – 2 :-

  • Introduction to the world of Reiki symbols, with knowledge of 3 Reiki symbols will be imparted – Power, Emotional, and Distance Healing Symbols.
  • Learning to protect and shield self, others, pets and objects like house, cars etc. through the use of symbols.
  • Powerful Meditation to enhance your skills for Reiki practice.
  • Meditation for Reiki.

Reiki Level – 3 :-

  • Introduction to the Master symbol which will intensify one’s Reiki healing.
  • Learning Non – Reiki symbols to boost to your Reiki Healing practice.
  • Making a crystal grid for fastening the manifesting of your desires.
  • Psychic surgery is performed to pull out negativity and energetic blocks which results in physical pain.
  • With psychic surgery, pain from different parts of the body is healed.
  • Taught how to perform psychic surgery.
  • Powerful meditation to enhance your Reiki practice.
  • Makes one powerful Reiki Master Practitioner.

Reiki Master Training:-

  • Training to prepare people to teach Reiki to others.
  • Teacher training is a very personal development and all Reiki Master.