Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is a Holistic treatment that works on body, mind, feeling and spirit. It is mainly related to principles of causes and Karma. The concept of Past Life Regression transports one to their previous life and is mainly responsible for self-discovery for the improvement of the spiritual quality of life. The chief objective of the Past Life Regression Delhi is to make lives easier and fulfilling. It is done to sort the problems that one may be experiencing in the present time. It includes relationship issues, fears, addictions, the repeated bad dreams, and the fear of death. The Past Life Therapist makes it easy for one to dwell in the past life, to find the answers from the past life.

Benefits of Past Life Regression

  • Experience better health and solution to old issues of life.
  • Helps increase the sense of control over life and your body.
  • Helps create more love and fulfilment.
  • Freedom from the fear of death.
  • Helps overcome fear and phobia.
  • Improves ones inter – personal relationship.