About Us

The Center Of Healing focuses upon its Extraordinary Mission to heal and rejuvenate one physically, emotionally and spiritually. Our faith in the purification of our mind and soul gives us the strength to deal with the physical and mental pressures that we face in day to day life. We hold hands with our customers and take them to a journey where they attain their inner peace and discover their strengths and weaknesses, which heals them in many ways that make them attain peace. Every soul craves tranquillity, expecting peace of mind, soul, and body. The Center of Healing proves its worth with its programs and sessions that give people a chance to explore themselves with the help of the Masters of Healing. The knowledge and understanding of the healing boost the confidence of people and gives them a chance to realize their worth with the power of Healing.

A journey should always be much exciting than the destination.”

Ms. Swati Sawhney, a social worker and currently the head of a start-up called “The CenterOf Healing”, which helps people attain contentment and heals them emotionally, physically and spiritually. With her continuous hard work since last 9 years as an activist, she always had an urge to work for the betterment of lives of people in best way possible. As a social worker, she has actively worked with various NGOs and has been a part of free parenting classes in schools, informative seminars on girl’s education (Delhi Council for Child Welfare), put her views up in many schools regarding the children safety, explaining them the meaning of touches and also has been a part of many such similar social events. Soon after the discovery of her passion towards social work and her deeds that have added value to the society, she always wanted to become a helping hand for people, which could help people fight their problems, circumstantial or emotional, and so Sawhney established “The Center Of Healing” which continues to helps numerous people by enhancing their inner soul and body, helping them recognize their strengths which can provide them with a bright future with calm and peace in mind.

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