Counseling Near Me

People sometimes encounter difficulties in life and to resolve them they need a little help and support. This is where a counselor can come, as sometimes it’s more comfortable to talk to an expert about your problems than to family or friends.

Counseling is a type of talking therapy or psychological therapy. The Center of Healing is one of the best counselling centers in Delhi, our process includes expressing to a counselor about your Families are the pillars of support, hope, and love but sometimes relationships within families are under pressure and family members feel isolated or overlooked. 

Our counselors are trained to listen warmly and assist you to deal with any negative views and opinions. They are also skilled at assisting you to express your stress and concerns.

Our workshop is specifically curated for the people who are coping with stress, tension, anxiety, etc to help them to live a healthy life.

Our team consists of experts in the field of counselling that are highly experienced in dealing with a diversity of problems that are faced by individuals, couples, and families at every stage of life.

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Counseling Services Delhi

Counselling is not just for people who are experiencing severe mental health distress, it serves a different purpose for everyone. At “The center of healing”, we offer a reliable and free space for therapy.

  • Child Specific Services

At, The Center of Healing, we cater to different developmental, emotional & behavioral demands of children. We identify and effectively control the typical childhood problems like developmental disorders, behavioral distortion, emotional distress, poor regulation & academic achievement at school, social anxiety, and peer pressure.

  • Career Counseling

​We agree that selecting a career can create a certain amount of tension and confusion. However, at The Center of Healing, we strive to address and diffuse your problems by providing you with the relevant information to resolve your career problems. We make this process an enjoyable and insightful experience.

  • Relationship Counseling

Families are a great source of support, hope, and love but sometimes relationships within families are put under pressure and family members feel alone or neglected. 

Family counselling can be used when siblings aren’t getting on, or when parents and children are going through a divorce or separation. Building a new family or resolving the stress is very difficult and this is the point where professional counselling is needed to make the relationship better and cope with the stress associated with it.