Angelic Healing

The word derivation “angel” from Greek “Angelos” meaning “Messenger”.The bridge between Heaven and Earth and between God and the Physical /material word. An Angel is a light being without any physical existence. Angelic Symbols are a huge bird-like two wings. Archangels are the chief Messenger of God, which are the larger and more powerful angels.

Angelic Healing Therapy

The Angelic Healing course is a form of energy that clears the path where the energy is stuck so as to bring the person back in the flow, where the therapist is a medium to let the healing of the angels to pass into the clients. The Angel healing therapy course gives the serenity to ones practicing it.

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Angel Healing Therapy

  • No Limits
  • Can heal you while sleep
  • Guides one to the true path life
  • Expands awareness
BENEFITS of Angelic Healing
  • Boosts creativity and arts
  • Helps one feel healthier
  • Guidance to overcome stress and anxiety
  • Help to increase the focus and concentration of a person
  • Increases the spiritual side of a person
  • It helps in Financial growth and prosperity.